Judi Bates

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, website design started to make its way into the classroom. I was fortunate enough to take some courses in website design at the university level and studied Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash animations. In 2001, after earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from Bradley University, I continued to focus my research on website development systems, technology, and design in my spare time. Initially, I landed a job in a printing firm as a graphic designer but still looked for opportunities to develop websites as an independent consultant. After two years of working in the print industry, I found my website development and consulting opportunities had grown to the point that setting off to focus on my own business just made sense. 

Graphic Design by Judi

Logo Design

Today and in addition to website design and development, I expanded into video production. During the COVID shutdown, I decided to create video content featuring my interest and love for horses. Now I have two YouTube channels dedicated to sharing my equine communication and training knowledge to the masses. I am very proud of my accomplishments.

After twenty-plus years in the industry, many things have changed, but I am still excited about new opportunities that come with the advancement of technology. 

Video Production by Judi

Training Through Equine Communication

I have been passionate about horses my entire life. As a child, I use to sneak under the electric fence so I could be closer to the horses. I thought they were majestic creatures that I just had to be with. Even to this day, they captivate me with their mind and movement. I love helping horses and people.

Youtube Channels

Connemara Pony Experience

Please follow me on my journey searching for a special breed of horse to be my next partner for the road ahead. Watch as I apply my philosophy of simplifying training steps and communicating to horses with body language.

Judi's Equine Life

Training tips, product reviews and more.


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